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Alternative currencies, meaning any type of exchange medium apart from the national fiat currency, are getting a lot of attention these days. From Ithaca Hours to barter tokens to digital gold to Bitcoins, it’s a whole new world, and a bit like the Wild West.

This website is all about my own adventures in that new frontier, particularly the new frontier known as the Cryptosphere, composed of computer generated currencies and the communities around them.  I was just a few months into it when I started this site. Now I have been involved for over two years. I have recorded much of my experience here and will continue to do so. I also write down my thoughts about some of what’s going on in the Cryptosphere news. Mostly, though, I make my own news, and you can read it all here, starting with And it begins:)

I used to provide guides on this site for how to get started with cryptocurrencies and how to find profitable opportunities. However when I was writing them things were changing so fast in the cryptosphere that it was really hard to maintain an updated guide. Fortunately, as the more lasting businesses have established themselves and solidified, staying on top of how it works has been easier. I have started composing guides again, but this time I am publishing them on the CryptoMoms forum. The CryptoMoms team has welcomed my contributions with open arms and the forum allows for better dialog in case you need some further clarification or help.

Most of the content on this site is also mirrored on the Devtome. If you enjoy writing, you might enjoy earning some Devcoins by posting your content there.

My hope is that if you are new to this adventure you can avoid making some of the mistakes I have made (and will make), and learn how to best have fun and even profit.  If you have been around for a while, I hope you will enjoy the story here as it unfolds.  Finally, I hope that you will give back by sharing the various pages on this site with your friends, and clicking through the various links on this site.

You can find me on the CryptoMoms forum. I go by wiser there (as here). Feel free to drop me a line any time :)

Disclosure  All the information you see on this website is free for you to read and use as you wish.  I will often make recommendations for websites providing various relevant products and services.  I only recommend sites which I believe to be beneficial.  Unless I specifically say otherwise, it is safe to assume that I could benefit financially from recommending certain products and services, mostly through affiliate programs.  However please be assured that I will only recommend products and services that I honestly believe are beneficial to me and could be beneficial to you as well.  Buying a product or registering for a service through an affiliate link does not cost you any more than it otherwise would. Also, keep in mind that anything recommended on an old post may no longer be a good idea (many things have changed in the past two years). Please do your homework.

I am phasing out the use of text and banner ads from third party advertisers. However, you will probably encounter some especially on the older posts and pages. Please read What about the ads? for more information about their relationship to this website.