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A review of BitcoinGet

Before I started writing for the Devtome, and especially before my activities there started paying out, I spent a lot of time on BitcoinGet.  BitcoinGet is one of the best, if not the best, websites for earning Bitcoin through crowdsourcing. … Continue reading

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Inputs IO and the two most generous faucets

Inputs IO recently launched as a Bitcoin hosted wallet service.  It works a lot like any other web based wallet but it has a really cool twist.  Rather than always using the block chain to send and receive Bitcoin, it … Continue reading

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The Devcoin pump didn’t last long, and the price has fallen back down to almost as low as it was before.  It’s still high enough that I would feel OK about selling off a few DVC at the bid price, … Continue reading

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When it all stops

The cryptocurrency world moves quickly.  Sometimes breathtakingly so.  Case in point:  the price of Devcoins started dropping like a rock over the past week.  Just last week I was happily selling Devcoins at 72 satoshis, then it dropped into the … Continue reading

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The big wide world of crypto-investments

UPDATE:  Things change fast in the Bitcoin world, and some major changes relative to this article have taken place since it was written. 1.  The Bitcoin Trading Corp is closing.  The same assets mentioned can be purchased through BitFunder instead. … Continue reading

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Writing for the Devtome

Of all the ways to earn cryptocurrencies that I have come across, none is as lucrative as writing for the Devtome.  The impact of this did not really sink in until after I’d been at it for about five weeks … Continue reading

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To mine or not to mine?

One of the most ingenious aspects of Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies has to do with the way it is put into circulation.  With the current fiat monetary system, the way money is put into circulation is through banks … Continue reading

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A review of CoinAd

CoinAd used to be a faucet website where you could earn a tiny amount of Bitcoin by visiting it once every twenty-four hours.  If you registered an account, then you could visit the site and request Bitcoin once every hour. … Continue reading

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What about the ads?

I mentioned in my disclosure statement that it’s safe to assume that I am likely to gain financially should you choose to purchase any products or register for any services I recommend by clicking through the hyperlinks within an article or … Continue reading

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This is a story that I hope never happens to you.  It happened to me and when it did I was tempted to just walk away from Bitcoin and never look back. Early on I decided to purchase about one … Continue reading

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