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Building my Bitcoin pipeline

I mentioned before that I own a fair amount of TAT.ASICMINER shares.  I don’t know all the ins and outs of the company and all that’s going on in the industry right now, but I do know enough to feel … Continue reading

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A review of BitVisitor

BitVisitor was one of the first websites that paid me Bitcoin.  To this day I consider it to be the granddaddy of all the Bitcoin earning sites. It’s a very simple site.  You go to the home page, and you … Continue reading

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CoinChat – Earn Bitcoins By Chatting

CoinChat is a chatroom that is designed to reward its members for taking part in conversations. Rather than just hanging out with one another, you actually earn money while doing it (in the form of Bitcoins)! This adds a whole … Continue reading

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Announcing the DVC Essay Contest

A big thank you to everyone who subscribed to my email list and received 2,000 DVC in honor of Devcoin’s second anniversary! To further celebrate Devcoin’s birthday, I’m holding a simple essay contest.  Tell your story of how you first … Continue reading

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Having fun with this site

Up until now I’ve been building this site and setting up my mailing list at a nice leisurely pace. Then it was brought to my attention that yesterday, August 5, was the second anniversary of Devcoin.  I figured this would … Continue reading

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The “end” of the most generous faucet and other faucet musings

The most generous faucet I found was not able to keep it up for much longer than a week or so since I discovered it.  The last couple times I tried to cash out, it returned an error message saying … Continue reading

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In honor of Devcoin’s second anniversary…

UPDATE:  This offer has been extended to Midnight EST August 8, 2013! All new subscribers to my email list who provide a DVC address on the form provided will receive a gift of Devcoins sent to that address. To get … Continue reading

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The psychology of earning Devcoins from the Devtome

We had quite the interesting discussion on the Devcoin thread of the Bitcoin Forum a few weeks ago when the price of Devcoins was really tanking.  This particular message made me pause and think about what it means to me … Continue reading

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