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The mcxNOW experience

It’s not just a trading platform.  I think I just found a new addiction. The part that drew me to first check out mcxNOW was the statement someone on the Devcoin thread made that you could earn interest on your … Continue reading

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My new magical rainbow faucet

Paying attention to what people are saying on the forums can be portfolio enhancing.  When the price of Devcoins dropped to 31 sat a week or so ago, people on the Devcoin thread were naturally complaining about it.  Someone just … Continue reading

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Can I handle the management?

It was a dark and stormy… er… morning.  I tend to take Sundays off from doing any sort of micro earning, so when I woke up on Monday I thought I’d look at my CoinAd sites and catch up on … Continue reading

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A Devtome Exclusive

Normally everything that I publish on the Devtome gets published first on this blog or one of my other sites. But this article, called Fat Cats and Mercenaries, is a Devtome exclusive.

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I should have known better, as I’d tested this before, but darn it, I was sure that an entire Bitcoin (and change) would not get bogged down in the network for hours and hours.  Now I know for sure. I … Continue reading

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Your Devtome writing success

I am a Devtome admin and my primary duty is signing up new writers.  Since Round 28 started I have been signing up as many as several writers a day.  Someone must be doing an amazing job promoting the opportunity … Continue reading

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Ad viewing and dispense claiming fatigue

Things with my day job were quite intense over the weekend so I decided that all my cryptocoin stuff was going to be on hold from Friday afternoon until Monday.  I had just published a 3,000 word piece on the … Continue reading

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New round, new writing goals

I believe I have always wanted to be a writer–at least since I was twelve and no longer had to struggle to compose a one-hundred word paragraph, sometime after a three-hundred word writing assignment stopped being an epic undertaking. About … Continue reading

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A good feeling

The best price I ever saw for Devcoins happened while round 24, my first round, was getting paid out.  One DVC sold for 85 satoshis and it went downhill from there.  There was one major pump where the price briefly … Continue reading

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The closing of the round intensity

With only eighty blocks left before round 27 closes, the collective pace of writing among all the Devtome authors has definitely picked up.  It seems there is always a surge of new content during the last hundred blocks or so … Continue reading

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