The closing of the round intensity

With only eighty blocks left before round 27 closes, the collective pace of writing among all the Devtome authors has definitely picked up.  It seems there is always a surge of new content during the last hundred blocks or so as writers are hoping to pick up just a few more shares that will pay out a month from now, rather than have to wait an additional month by submitting right after the cutoff point of block 105,300.

Normally I am not able to pick up my writing intensity on the last day just because my life is not that flexible.  But today it turns out that I have a few hours that I can allocate to writing, so I too am caught up in the fray.  I have already added several blog posts today and hope to add one or two more before I have to quit.

The Devtome is now counting popularity of a given article as part of the reward so I’m much more diligent about posting my articles on the front page of the Devtome as soon as I publish them.  Each time I call up that page I can see the newly written articles from other writers showing up as well.  The front page articles are no longer listed alphabetically, so each new article tends to just get added to the top.  Maybe ten minutes ago my article was on the top, but it quickly gets displaced by a more recent article written by someone else.

It’s actually kind of fun watching the titles piling up on the front page.  On one hand I know that each new article is going to dilute my own earnings a little bit further so a part of me resents the fact that so many titles are getting added.  On the other hand I also feel a solidarity with all these other writers who are busy doing the same thing I’m doing–trying to make this next round a good one in terms of earnings.

It reminds me a little bit of NaNoWriMo, the month long push to write 50,000 words of a novel that writers all across the United States participate in every November.  Some writers gather in coffee shops and libraries with their laptops, encouraging each other by their presence and clickety-clacking of their keyboards.  Others hunker down on their own each day with their favorite snacks and drinks and pound away at their keyboards in solitude.  Some do both.  Many communicate with each other online, urging one another on to keep up the good work.

I think it would be kind of fun to have a monthly gathering of Devtome writers on the last day of each round.  Since writers come from all over the world, the gathering would most likely be online.  But it could be scheduled, moderated, and promoted.  Perhaps random prizes could be drawn and given away.  Mostly it would just be a way for all the Devtome writers to connect with each other and encourage each other to write just one more share’s worth of quality content, even while also competing against each other to take as large a slice of the monthly 180,000 DVC pie as possible.

In cities where several Devtome authors reside, those authors could get together in an actual physical location such as a library or coffee shop and if they so desire, they could promote their gathering locally, and use it as a way to increase general awareness of Devcoins and cryptocoins in general.  It would definitely be a fun and productive social event.

If I were to organize something like this, I would probably use a room in CoinChat to host the online gathering.  CoinChat has this nice little feature where users get random little BTC payouts for chatting, so that would be a bonus, kind of like a random door prize that you don’t even have to fill out a form to get.  I would set a limited time for the gathering–maybe two or three hours–and time it to end right around the time the ending block gets mined.  Then I’d encourage writers to spend most of their time writing but then report in periodically with an update on how it’s going and some encouraging words to the other writers.  Perhaps the group could even set some sort of collective goal for number of shares to add during that time.  Maybe an extra little bounty could be paid for any new writer signups during that time, like if a local group gathered and promoted their local gathering and got some new people to become Devtome writers as a result.

This presents some interesting possibilities, and I think it would be lots of fun.  I probably can’t take this on, but I would definitely try to participate whenever I could, when the timing worked out with my schedule.  Even if I couldn’t fully participate, I’d try to check in here and there.

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