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I first visited this website on BitVisitor about a week ago.  Usually I just glance at the sites as I know right off the bat that most of them I will not be interested in (I don’t gamble on purpose).  But I actually read this page from start to finish and spent way more time on it than the obligatory five minutes.

I like the way this guy aphechre thinks.  What he’s done is signed up for many of the major websites which allow you to earn a few pennies a day clicking on ads and/or completing tasks.  The sites have different approaches to components like referral rewards, payout thresholds, and the tasks themselves.  These different approaches provide various opportunities for the user, especially when taken altogether.  Combining all the different earning websites he has come up with his own system for maximizing his earnings.  He shares this system with his readers and he hopes that in return the readers will sign up for these various earning sites using his referral link, become active earners and in that way increase his earnings even more.  He claims that he earns around eight dollars a day by spending about an hour online clicking ads and otherwise managing his accounts.

I personally am not interested in working sites which pay out fiat money for visiting websites, clicking ads, watching videos or completing tasks.  I would much rather do those things in exchange for Bitcoin.  However, I wanted to share this site because I can totally relate to what he’s trying to accomplish.  He’s figured out how to work this system to his advantage and he’s eager to share because the more people who know about it and decide to try it out by signing up through his affiliate links, the more his own earnings grow.

I came up with a similar sort of program not too long ago and wrote it out on a single page, and the little bit of actual marketing that I do for this site centers around sharing this page with people who are new to the Bitcoin world.  It’s not as tight or complicated as aphechre’s system, but I think it’s a great start, and it’s largely the system I use, though my primary Bitcoin earnings actually do come from trading out my Devtome earnings.  I do visit all the sites I mention on a regular basis and that supplements my Devtome earnings quite nicely.

What I really like about both my system and aphechre’s system is that neither one depends solely on affiliate earnings.  While I always welcome affiliate earnings, I can earn fairly well without them which is why six months after I first got involved with Bitcoin I still make a point to visit my various earnings sites and jump through the hoops to get those small but significant earnings.

I mentioned before that while I’m willing to do these odd low paying online tasks in exchange for Bitcoin, I’m not willing to do them in exchange for fiat.  The reason boils down to this.  There are far fewer opportunities in the fiat world to turn small amounts into passive income pipelines than there are in the Bitcoin world.  I had one of those online brokerage accounts and put a bit of money into the stock market at one point.  However, at $7.00 per trade I needed at least a couple hundred dollars to make it worthwhile.  In contrast, the websites where I can trade in cryptocoin-denominated assets charge very low fees, generally a small percentage of the total amount traded, making it possible for me to get started with the crypto equivalent of pennies.  The two crypto-exchange sites I use are BTCT and CryptoStocks.  Of those two I highly recommend BTCT and advise CryptoStocks be used with more caution.

Then I discovered CoinLenders and now I recommend them as a great way to grow your Bitcoin balance even before I would recommend stock exchange sites.  The only catch with CoinLenders is that in order to earn interest you need to deposit a minimum of one BTC.  Since it will take the average person quite a long time to earn an entire Bitcoin on sites like BitVisitor, BitcoinGet and CoinAd, to fully take advantage of what CoinLenders has to offer, you would need to either buy a Bitcoin through CoinBase or spend a month writing for the Devtome, then trade your DVC earnings into Bitcoins through Vircurex.  However, once you have your one Bitcoin, then all the microearnings in Bitcoin that you add to your CoinLenders balance after that will also earn interest, so you only have to buy one Bitcoin, and it’s your Bitcoin–you don’t pay it to anyone; you simply use it to keep your balance at the level it needs to be to earn interest.

The bottom line is that there are more opportunities in the Bitcoin world than in the fiat world to put small amounts of earnings to work for you to begin generating a truly passive income.  For me, if it weren’t for that opportunity, it really wouldn’t be worth it to me to go through any effort to earn the equivalent of pennies a day.  But take those pennies and put them to work earning compound interest, then it makes a lot of sense for me to go out and keep earning them day after day.

I will consider aphechre’s system to be complete once he shares how he takes his earnings (all eight dollars a day of them) and puts them to work for him to generate a more passive income.  When I say passive income, I mean income that comes to you when you are doing nothing.  Clicking on ads or completing tasks is not passive income.  Having to manage referrals (through various rent-a-referral programs) is not passive income.  Commissions from referrals doing those things can be considered passive income because you don’t have to do it.  However, I don’t consider it to be passive income because in many cases you are required to put in the work in order to access those earnings.  Also, that income is unreliable as at any time your referrals can quit and you will then earn nothing (and referrals often do quit when the earnings are that low).  I consider true passive income to be income generated from interest or stock dividends that is going to keep coming to you as long as you have funds in the account or own the assets.  My passive income is the income I earn on the days that I do absolutely nothing.  This means that to the best of my ability I have put my money in accounts or assets that are sound and which I can count on to continue to pay out even when I’m not paying attention.

Aphechre’s system for maximizing earnings on the various pay-to-click ad sites is a good one, and if you’re looking for a way to make an extra $240 a month working an hour a day, you should definitely check it out.  And if you use that $240 a month to buy a Bitcoin or two and hold it in a CoinLenders account you could actually make out quite well, perhaps eventually earning that $240 a month just through interest.

Read Way to work the system! on the Devtome!

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