Ad viewing and dispense claiming fatigue

Things with my day job were quite intense over the weekend so I decided that all my cryptocoin stuff was going to be on hold from Friday afternoon until Monday.  I had just published a 3,000 word piece on the Devtome so I figured that counted for several days in terms of meeting my publishing goal for round 28.  I didn’t visit any websites on BitVisitor or CoinAd, and I didn’t claim dispenses from any faucets.

On Monday I started visiting the BitVisitor websites and that was quite the windfall.  There were quite a few sites which paid over 50 uBTC, and there were enough total sites that it took all day of visiting off and on to finally hit the “no more ads” page.  I claimed dispenses from a few of my usual faucets as well.

Today I started to do the same thing and found that actually, I rather enjoyed the break and wasn’t really all that excited to earn my small amount of Bitcoin today.  It really doesn’t take much to enter Captchas and visit websites, but when you’re hitting up a lot of them, well you get kind of tired of it.  I’m still slowly working my way through the BitVisitor sites and I just now got down to sites that pay less than 16 uBTC per view.  I had thoughts today of maybe just hitting up BitVisitor once a week or something, or at least taking every weekend off.

Meanwhile, earnings on BitVisitor are much higher than they were last week.  The gambling site Bitcoin Roulette had been offline for some time as the site was upgrading to new servers.  It’s back online now and it must have one heck of an affiliate program because it seems every other site is the home page for Bitcoin Roulette.  All the Bitcoin Roulette advertisers come close to doubling my BitVisitor earnings.  How I missed them during the server upgrade.

Two new likely scam sites showed up on the scene during my brief hiatus as well.  One is a site called Bitcoin Era that claims to pay out 6 percent interest each month, plus it has a multitiered referral reward system.  That would be 72 percent return per year, plus affiliate commissions.  Not realistic.  I tried to call up the site just now and it won’t load.  Maybe they already took the suckers’ money and ran.  The other likely scam appears to be Mining United reincarnated.  It claims to be some sort of mining service which will triple the value of your deposit in twenty days.  Legitimate mining does not yield a 300 percent return in twenty days, especially not with mining difficulty as high as it is now.  That site won’t load either.  Maybe they have disappeared too.  Or maybe Google is just looking out for me.  The Grow Coins site is still up and running, though they don’t seem to be gaining any momentum.  It’s just so much more difficult to scam Bitcoin enthusiasts than it used to be.  For those who want to gamble, there are plenty of legitimate and provably fair sites that are happy to accept your Bitcoin deposits.

Sometime last week I actually chatted on CoinChat for a while, and earned some Bitcoin for doing so.  It’s a different way to earn, and it has the additional bonus of networking value.  But I haven’t been back.  I don’t have the time.  In the Bitcoin world, there are so many sites where tiny amounts of Bitcoin can be earned, but I have so little time to take full advantage.

It’s on days when I just don’t feel like visiting websites or claiming faucet dispenses that I am glad to have my CoinLenders account.  It earns interest for me–a little more than what I can make through the earning sites when I’m not being too intense about it–every single day and I don’t have to do a thing.  I don’t even have to log into my account.  Perhaps it’s time to trade some DVC for another Bitcoin to keep that flow of interest earnings going strong and growing.  Those 90 day CDs are currently paying at an awesome rate of just under 25 percent.

Those are also the days when I’m glad I write for the Devtome and can earn substantially more that way.  On the other hand, some of the new writers have already contributed over fifty thousand words, so the earnings per share might be lower.  I remember when I thought round 24 was the best I’d ever do, but then it’s turned out to be the worst paying round for me so far.  It would actually take very many writers each maxing out their share earnings for me to earn less on the Devtome than what I can earn on the Bitcoin earning sites.

I doubt I’m going to give up hitting up the Bitcoin earning sites and faucets any time soon.  They are great to have around when the price of Devcoins is so low and I am really wanting to accumulate Bitcoins.  And since the earnings are small, the strategy has to revolve around hitting them up consistently.  But I’m realizing that I will need to slow it down and pace myself, take breaks, and ultimately replace that trickle of income with interest earned from much larger deposits.

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