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I am a Devtome admin and my primary duty is signing up new writers.  Since Round 28 started I have been signing up as many as several writers a day.  Someone must be doing an amazing job promoting the opportunity of publishing on the Devtome.

Since I’m also a Devtome writer I follow the files which indicate how many total shares have been earned and how those shares are allocated.  I can look at the ongoing number of shares each writer earned, not just the number of shares I have earned.  Although I’m not statistically analyzing the data, I have noted some patterns just glancing through the data.

Eighty shares and a crash  When a new writer signs on, often that writer has previously written content, or the writer is simply very excited about the opportunity.  The Devtome caps the maximum number of shares per round at 80 (or 80,000 words) per writer.  Producing 80,000 words of good quality content in one month (the approximate duration of one round) is a phenomenal feat.  However, writers often produce that amount and more in the first month, especially if they are publishing content they’ve previously written.

Then often, the writer doesn’t publish much the following month.  It’s as if the writer burns out.  Or he or she ran out of previous content and gets to discover just how difficult it is to write the same amount of fresh content.

The reluctant writer  Another scenario I’ve noticed is the one where the writer procrastinates publishing anything for most of the round, and then he or she tries to play catch up as the round closes.  Or the writer tries to determine what the final dollar value per share will be–a complicated mental calculation based on the Devcoin to Bitcoin exchange rate, the Bitcoin to Dollar exchange rate, and the total number of shares there will be at the end of the round–and make a snap decision as to whether or not it’s worth it to contribute.

Consistency is key  The results of either scenario are inconsistent earnings and possibly a lot of frustration.  The way the payouts work, once the first round in which a writer contributes starts paying out (and yes, it will take up to six weeks for that to happen), payments are continuous from that point on as long as the writer keeps writing and publishing.

As long as the writer keeps writing and publishing.  That is the key point here.  The first thing to know about being a successful Devtome writer is that you need to be a consistent writer.  What is a consistent writer?  A consistent writer is a writer who writes consistently.  A consistent writer either writes every day or several times a week.  The interval can vary but the writer has to write when it’s time to write.

How can I become a consistent writer?  If you are not used to writing every day or several times a week, the first thing you need to do is get into the habit of writing every day or several times a week.  You also want to figure out how much writing you can reasonably expect of yourself.  You want to find out how much content you are comfortable producing in one sitting.

To figure this out, set aside at least an hour for writing three days in a row.  When it’s time to write, choose one of these creative writing promps and start writing.  Spend as much time as you need to in order to finish the essay, but keep track of how much time you are spending.  If you don’t finish the essay in one sitting, then simply keep working on it during the next writing time.  Hopefully by the third day you will have it finished.  Do not spend any time editing or improving your essay; just write.  If you do finish before the three days are up, then choose a different writing prompt and write another essay.

At the end of the three days, run a word count on all you’ve written and divide it by three.  Your answer is the average number of words you can comfortably produce in one writing session.  If you are going to write five days a week, then multiply that number by 22, and that’s your total writing goal for your next Devtome round.

The whole point of this exercise is to set an attainable writing goal for yourself.  It might not be the total number of shares you were hoping for, but it’s far better to write a little consistently than to write a whole lot and then burn out.  Not only that, if you do write consistently and meet your goal, you will be encouraged to keep writing and the practice will make you better, meaning you will be able to write more words per writing session.  You can expect your share count to increase gradually and sustainably.

Once you have settled into a groove of writing consistently and meeting your share count goals for the round, then you can take the time to learn more about the art of writing, grammar, spelling and composition so that your writing skills continue to improve.  You can even join a writers’ group in your community and have other authors critique your work.  And you keep on writing.

Focus on the right things  My advice to all Devtome writers is to focus on writing and not expend too much energy worrying about who else is writing or how much everyone else is contributing.  Even though the total share value does decrease with every new share earned, each new share you earn will represent greater earnings for you than what you would be earning before you added that share.

I also would advise all Devtome writers to not expend a lot of energy worrying about the Devcoin to Bitcoin exchange rate or the Bitcoin to Dollar exchange rate.  What you publish on the Devtome today will not pay out until a month to six weeks from now.  Things move around so quickly in the cryptocurrency world that there is simply no way to predict what your earnings will be worth in terms of Bitcoins or Dollars or any other currency one month or six weeks from now.  However I can predict with 100 percent certainty that if you go an entire round without writing and publishing, your earnings when that round pays out will be zero no matter what either exchange rate is doing or how many total shares were allocated.  So if you have to, simply forget about all that stuff and just write.

Spend your earnings thoughtfully  Once you do start getting your Devtome generated shares, take a few deep breaths and consider carefully how you will spend them.  A major purpose of paying writers and developers for their contributions is to provide seed capital for those writers and developers to further develop their work.  The idea is that if you take the need to completely bootstrap off the table, the writer, artist or developer has a better chance to succeed.  In that way, your Devtome earnings represent the Devcoin community’s investment in you.

There is no rule that says you have to start a business or an art gallery or rock and roll band with your Devtome earnings.  However, it is worth thinking about what you most want out of life and how your earnings can help you get there.  Think long term.  In other words, rather than blowing off your earnings on some consumables or even putting them towards bills that need to be paid, consider using your earnings as a way to invest in yourself, your family and/or your dreams.  Give it some thought.  You can even write an essay about it and publish it on the Devtome.  Then once you have thought it through, then figure out how to best turn your Devcoins towards that purpose.  It may involve trading them for Bitcoins or Dollars, but it may also involve keeping them as Devcoins for a while.  In any case, take all the time you need to make your decisions about how to best apply your Devtome earnings.

Give a bit back  Finally, consider also investing some of your earnings in the success of the Devcoin currency itself.  I’m not suggesting that you need to become a Devcoin activist or anything.  I certainly am not.  However it is true that your success as a Devtome author is greatly impacted by the success of the Devcoin currency.  So as you’re going along, keep your eyes and ears open for ways that you can give something back even while you are striving to meet your own goals.  Just like with writing goals, when it comes to giving back it is OK to start small.

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