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Another thing I don’t understand

I used to collect all my earnings into my CoinBase wallet account and from there send them on to the various sites where I wanted to invest those earnings.  It worked well because CoinBase picks up all the transaction fees … Continue reading

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Way to work the system!

I first visited this website on BitVisitor about a week ago.  Usually I just glance at the sites as I know right off the bat that most of them I will not be interested in (I don’t gamble on purpose). … Continue reading

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Possible scam alert

Just when I thought I’d found the best possible interest rate just for depositing a Bitcoin or two, I saw an ad on BitVisitor for a website called Grow Coins that claims you can get a daily return on your … Continue reading

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Some things I don’t understand

I have learned so much since this past March when I decided to take the time to figure out what this Bitcoin thing was all about.  One of the most important things I’ve learned has been how to earn Bitcoins … Continue reading

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What happens when…

The amazing round 25 of Devtome payouts finally ended.  I didn’t do too badly with my round 26 earnings so I can expect some great payouts for the next month. Round 27 is going to be a different story.  My … Continue reading

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