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The Devtome writing situation

The Devtome of course is growing and developing as a project.  New writers continue to come on board.  As a signup admin, I get asked to create accounts several times a week.  It did slow down when the Devtome was … Continue reading

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The direction of mcxNOW

If you like some excitement in your investment experience, mcxNOW is the perfect place.  By excitement I mean frequent dividend payments, up and down prices on the various currencies, and interesting possibilities as to the direction of the entire venture. … Continue reading

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A rough couple weeks

When you start working with cryptocurrencies, you start to think about your hardware. I am one of those car owners who takes the car in to one of those franchises to get the oil changed.  When something goes wrong I … Continue reading

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Could I become a day trader?

I did quite well on my first go-around with buying mcxFee shares at a low price and selling at a high price.  I gained a total of 0.8 BTC when I sold them off. Then I bought two of them … Continue reading

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A successful trade

I was driving to a little gathering at a friend’s house this past Friday evening when out of nowhere I got the feeling that it was time to sell my mxcFee shares.  At the time I was thinking about how … Continue reading

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When Devcoin gets dropped

My understanding is that it’s going to be another four weeks before Devcoin gets dropped from the mcxNOW exchange.  My plan is to continue sending my Devcoins to the exchange and allowing them to earn interest until the very end … Continue reading

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The infamous mcxNOW chat window

This could very well be my attempt to feel better about my pet alt crypto getting dropped, except for the fact that I was starting to notice this before I got the sad news. When you go to make a … Continue reading

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Technical difficulties

I think the crypto world would be just about perfect if it weren’t for the infamous technical difficulties.  Sometimes they are my own, but other times they have nothing to do with me personally and yet affect me. The Bitcoin … Continue reading

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Exciting times ahead for Creative Currencies

It all started with my Devtome earnings.  I distinctly remember when my very first generated Devcoins started showing up in my wallet.  At first it was anticlimactic.  I watched my wallet in great expectation as the block marking the beginning … Continue reading

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Round 28 of writing for the Devtome has been eventful, to say the least. Devtome offline  Not too long after the round started, people started to have trouble logging into their Devtome accounts.  Then more people had trouble, and finally … Continue reading

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