Back on the Devtome

The Devtome is finally beginning to emerge from what has been (in terms of Internet time) a very long hiatus.  I’ll never fully understand what exactly happened on the back end.  There were a ton of bot registrations, and one of the administrators’ attempts to put a stop to it accidentally deleted a number of legitimate accounts.  As a signup admin, my account was restored (or recreated) and I was asked to begin recreating the accounts for some of the other writers.  When they PM me, I search to see if their account exists, and if it doesn’t, I create it and send them the password.

I figured I’d be swamped with PMs requesting new accounts, but it’s been a slow but steady trickle.  I also believe that’s how registration of new accounts will be handled from here on out.  A potential writer PMs an admin a username of his or her choice, and the admin creates the account.  No more ability to self-register means no more bot registrations to gum up the works.

As an aside I learned from someone else on the Devcoin thread that bot registrations aren’t entirely automatic.  There’s a human being on the other end filling out the Captcha, and that person gets paid some ridiculously small fraction of a penny for each captcha he completes.  I think all the Captcha fillers of the world need to unionize.

The problem seems to have been solved for the Devtome, and I can now start posting my articles there again.  I have a few days’ worth of articles on this site which still need to be published on the Devtome.  I’d love to do it tonight, but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow or later this week.  There’s still time left in this round.

I have to say it feels good to be back on the Devtome.

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