How shall we communicate while the forum is down?

I don’t have a strong opinion about this, but wanted to offer this space for Devcoin people to congregate and decide where our official DVC thread should move to while the Bitcoin Forum is out of commission.  Please start the conversation by leaving a comment.  If this decision has already been made, then please kindly let me know via a comment.

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15 Responses to How shall we communicate while the forum is down?

  1. TheDischarger says:

    Can any DevToMe admin register me? I am unable to get a response since the forum is down. The account name is TheDischarger

  2. mrc says:

    Hi, You are my DevTome Admin (user: mrc), I have an article uploaded, from what I’ve read, You will be reading/validating/posting in homepage etc…
    Being my first, and my writings usually contain dozens of pictures, I tried to shorten it, and also to keep the technical levels down… I’m curious if it works…
    Lots of thanks, do I have to do anything more?

    • wiser says:

      I could take a look at your article later today if you send me a link. In the mean time, the main thing you need to do to get paid is be sure to cite each article you write on your profile page following their format. Feel free to look at my profile page as an example:

      • mrc says:

        Many Thanks, I did it already, You could find it here:

        The only difference between Your citing format and mine (taken from the “How to Get Setup Earning Devcoins by Writing” page) is the presence of the Source: Original tag. I’m leaving it this way until further notice…
        Thank You again, You’re a really good Admin!

        • wiser says:

          I looked at your user page and just made a simple formatting change so that your title doesn’t show all the underlines in between words, but I’m sure it would have worked fine the way you had it.

          On the source tag, the reason I have links instead of “original” for most of my articles is that I usually publish my content either here or another site I own before it goes on the Devtome, so I cite the page where it’s published. The two or three articles I have cited as “original” are articles which appear only on the Devtome (or at least first on the Devtome). So, if you took your article from another site you own, then cite that as your source. Otherwise, “original” works. And any content that you have written as the original author can go in the section titled original even if it first was published somewhere else.

          Thanks for the kind words :-)

          • mrc says:

            Done the user page, now:
            – If (and I repeat: IF) it’s worth publishing, who put my story on the Home page?
            – If not, when and who wil give me the sad news?
            – If I manage to publish another this round, I’ll be “bugging” You again or someone else?
            Lots Of Thanks again

          • wiser says:

            Actually, you put your own story on the front page. Just edit the page like you would any other, and add your title using the same format you do on your profile page. Eventually a category admin will take it off the front page once it’s categorized, and that will make room for other stories, and you just keep adding your more recent articles to that page.

            As long as you are writing quality articles, and the article you showed me definitely fits that, you can assume that your writing is worth publishing until someone tells you otherwise. The content that ultimately gets taken down is anything plagiarized, spammy, scammy, or obvious junk content where writer is clearly going for word count and nothing else. Beyond that, any style or topic is fair game.

            I’m not actually an article admin, so if you have any more specific questions, feel free to post them here, and I will refer them to one of the article admins who can help further.

  3. wiser says:

    So far I haven’t heard anything about resuming DVC thread communication elsewhere for the time being. Probably what will happen is we’ll all just pick up where we left off once the Bitcoin Forum is back up. In the mean time, I can restore people’s Devtome accounts as needed–just contact me by leaving a comment.

  4. Stealtheh says:

    Can an admin register me? Username is stealtheh. Thanks!!

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