If you still need your Devtome account restored…

… leave a comment to this post.  Please include your Devtome user name.  I will respond by email with your new temporary password.

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11 Responses to If you still need your Devtome account restored…

  1. smeagol says:

    my devtome username is “smeagol”

  2. FinShaggy says:

    I had a new password, but I didn’t write it down or log in yet, and now Bitcointalk is down, so my password is either in my inbox there, or gone forever.

  3. Mosinnagant says:

    Oh, and my username is mosinnagant. But I figured that was implied from the whole ‘Mosinnagant says:’

  4. wiser says:

    To everyone… when I restore accounts, I simply create the user name and set a temporary password, which you need to change. While you are changing your password, please be sure to update the rest of your profile information, such as your name and email address, as for the most part I will not be updating those fields. Thanks :-)

  5. pb321go says:

    I can’t get into my devtome account which has the username pb321go.

  6. wiser says:

    OK, busy weekend coming up for me, so I just want everyone to know that any new restoration requests will be processed on Monday. Thanks in advance for your patience :-)

  7. Chikanz says:

    My devtome username was Chikanz.
    Thank you!

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