Exciting times ahead for Creative Currencies

It all started with my Devtome earnings.  I distinctly remember when my very first generated Devcoins started showing up in my wallet.  At first it was anticlimactic.  I watched my wallet in great expectation as the block marking the beginning of payouts for round 24 was opened.  Nothing happened.

I wrote a post on the Devcoin thread inquiring as to what exactly was I looking for.  Someone explained how the lines in the receiver file corresponded to upcoming blocks.  I studied the receiver lines and found that my first payment would come forty or so blocks later.  So I stopped staring at my wallet and instead checked on the mining progress from time to time as I went about my normal business.

When it got close to my block being mined I watched with greater intensity… and suddenly, there it was.  My first set of Devcoin babies.  Generated cryptos take 120 blocks to fully mature.  Before long my first babies were joined by other babies as more and more blocks got opened.

I had to wait another day for my first babies to finally grow up, and then I could spend them.  Most of my Devcoins wound up on the exchange and got traded out for Bitcoins.  In the months that followed I watched the price of Devcoins drop to well below half of what it was when I first started getting them.

I don’t ever intend to become a Devcoin activist, but when they start flowing your way so freely, you start to think of ways you might be able to help them grow more rather than less valuable in relation to the other cryptos.

Other people who are writing for the Devtome are starting to open up businesses and put up items for sale for Devcoins.  Reading their posts has inspired me to do a little something of my own which I believe will ultimately help the future of Devcoins.  In the mean time it should also support the efforts of these new Devcoin businesses, and provide a nice little revenue stream for the Creative Currencies website.

The Creative Currencies website is going to be hosting a simple directory of businesses who accept Devcoins in trade for goods and services.  The businesses can accept whatever other cryptos they want, but to be listed in this directory they will need to accept Devcoins.

We are in the process of working out the initial bugs.  I have asked a couple Devcoin business owners I know to test the system and so far they are finding it buggy to say the least.  A few minutes of research has revealed the kind of fixes available, and I will implement them at the next available opportunity.  Then the next round of testing will take place.

Once it’s clear that the system is working fine, then it will be time to actively recruit as many Devcoin business owners as possible to purchase a listing.  Yes, listings will cost an as yet to be determined amount of Devcoins.  This listing fee will be largely determined by the amount of quality traffic this site receives.

Another phase of development just beginning to take place is an investment in optimizing this site, or at least certain pages of this site, for search engines and other traffic generating activities.  Thanks to the revenue generated from the Devtome I am able to make an initial investment in some Internet marketing efforts.  Increased numbers of visitors who have Devcoins in their wallets will mean more exposure for the businesses who purchase listings in the directory–exposure they will be glad to pay for.  The revenue generated from listing fees can go towards even more traffic generating activities as well as improving the directory feature itself.

Ultimately, the goal isn’t just to benefit a few businesses or have a nice business of my own.  It is to facilitate the creation of a viable economy using Devcoins as the medium of exchange.  The more people can actually use Devcoins, the less likely they are to want to sell them off at any price.  Fewer sellers helps raise the price of Devcoins relative to other cryptos.  A higher price means that Devcoins I earn, whether they be from my own Devtome writing efforts or from listing fees on this site, will go farther for me as well.  Since Devcoins were designed to be generated at the rate at which they are generated for as long as there are still computers and an Internet, it’s definitely worth putting forth a little extra effort to make each one count just a little bit more.

And that is what Creative Currencies is looking to do.  Give a helping hand to the Devcoin currency and in doing so, help out everyone including myself who stands to benefit from a more valuable and more widely adopted Devcoin.

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