The infamous mcxNOW chat window

This could very well be my attempt to feel better about my pet alt crypto getting dropped, except for the fact that I was starting to notice this before I got the sad news.

When you go to make a trade on mcxNOW, just to the right of the buy/sell form is a very prominent chat window which your eye is drawn to.  This chat window can be full of useful information.  Most of what you will learn is about what some of the big time traders are thinking, as well as a sense of the relative value of the various alt cryptos that day.  Since the internal charts only show the value over the past 24 hours, it can be really informative to see someone in the chat window point out that this is an exceptionally low or high value.  Of course, I’d look up historical chart data before making a major trading decision, but since except for Devcoins I’m just an observer, I find these comments to be quite useful.

Unfortunately, there are other things going on within the chat window that I’m afraid are going to tarnish the reputation of the site overall.  I’m specifically referring to the degree of profanity that you are likely to see at any given time that you spend paying attention to the chatter.  It’s not just the occasional use of known curse words.  It’s also very brazen X-rated or Not Safe For Work content, the sort of content that a parent like me hopes my children will not quietly come up and read over my shoulder at an inopportune time, the kind of content that means I had better think twice before I open up this website to make a quick trade during a five minute break while I’m at work.

In other words, the chat window, which is really not necessary for a trading platform, makes the site’s utility more limited than I’d originally thought.  Yes, I can use it… except when I can’t.  And when you’re dealing in trading cryptos, sometimes the great deals aren’t going to wait until you can get back to where you know some X-rated content in the chat window isn’t going to get you into immediate trouble.

Just to be clear, I’m not saying here that I have a problem with profanity, or even X-rated comments.  I don’t like either, but that’s not the point.  I used to work for a newspaper, and I would often hang out in the newsroom.  Journalists are a rather profane bunch so I heard all kinds of things and let most of them float right on by.  I’m pretty sure that floor traders on the New York Stock Exchange or any other major exchange are just as profane.  Same with just about any profession.  However, my experience has been that the profanity stays largely behind closed doors.  People might talk trash about the client, caterer, or cleaning crew that just left the room, but while those people are in the room, the conversation is courteous and professional.  After all, they want all those people to come back.

It’s called basic professionalism.  It’s putting your best foot forward, being on your best behavior.  It shows that while you might not personally always conform to these standards, you at least recognize them and the fact that society as a whole values them.  I’m not talking about the height of virtue here, just good manners and speech and behavior that makes people want to do business with you, as opposed to run away as fast as they can.  At the very least, you behave appropriately in public, regardless of how you behave behind closed doors.

This basic professionalism is currently lacking on mcxNOW.  The site is very well built and the functionality is awesome.  But that chat window just about ruins it, and the fact that the profanity/NSFW content is allowed to go on, and no attempt is made to even remind people that this is a public chat window, shows a serious lack of professionalism on the part of the moderators.

I’m not interested in censoring anyone’s twisted notion of self-expression.  CoinChat has all kinds of chat rooms in which no doubt all kinds of conversations I never want to read take place.  But those rooms aren’t on the front page!  I think it’s time for mcxNOW to have a more private chat room (or several of them) for those who want to cuss and swear.  However this gets done, the public window, the one that everyone sees, needs to be kept clean and professional.  Or there needs to be an option for an individual user to turn it off, with the default set to off.  In that case, it should not be viewable at all until one logs in.  The bottom line is that the general public needs to see a site that is professional, not just well constructed.

For my part, I’d like to be able to log in and manage my trades at any time and place without being assaulted by NSFW content that isn’t even relevant to trading in the first place.

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