The word is getting out

I have noticed a steady increase in the number of new writer requests I am receiving as a Devtome sign up admin. I signed up two or three writers yesterday and the day before, and before I woke up this morning there were two more requests waiting in my Bitcoin Forum inbox. More and more people are definitely learning about the opportunity and want to be a part of it.

I recently rated my set of writers from round 32, and I was impressed with the increase in quality of writing since the last time I rated writers. It could be a random thing, as in I just happened to have been assigned a set of strong writers, but I also think that the article admins are doing a good job of screening out truly bad writing, and working with decent writers to improve their content even more. I also believe the Devtome opportunity is beginning to attract some higher quality writers as well, which says good things about its reputation as a legitimate and profitable opportunity.

I still sign up writers who are regular people who just want to make a bit of side income writing, and the Devtome welcomes all of them. But I’ve been delighted to have recently registered new writers who own successful businesses in real life. These people see the opportunity as beneficial even though they are already doing well in life. They also represent merchants who will very soon accept payment in Devcoins once they learn how and get set up. If you are such a merchant reading this, then check out CoinPayments, the payment gateway for all kinds of cryptocoins.

Signing up all these new writers is inspiring me to branch out more into providing content creation services in a more full time sense. I have a couple good clients and haven’t felt the need to hustle more business, but in my line of work I often look at websites and I can immediately tell that I have something valuable to offer. Some people really enjoy writing and it’s easy for them to do a good job at it. Others really hate writing and they procrastinate and procrastinate the writing they have to do, and they would be delighted to find out that they could actually pay someone to take it off their hands. I’m at a point where I don’t so much need the money as I just think it would be awesome to help people make their websites more engaging and get the word out about their great product through the content creation side. That’s always a good place to be–I really don’t need the money (at least not desperately so), but I would love to use my talents to help you succeed in your endeavor. I recently was chatting with a potential client who said it would be a month or two down the road before his operation was organized enough to know exactly what content would need to be created for the website. “Take your time,” I chatted back. “I’ll be here when you’re ready. I’m not hurting for work.”

Marketing is not my strong point. I can create the content as long as someone else markets it. As such I have done very little to market my own work on the Devtome and although I’m happy to mention the opportunity to anyone who is interested, I have not outright promoted the opportunity. But clearly other people are, or happy writers are just talking about it and attracting other writers.

In any case the word is getting out, and people are writing, writing, writing.

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