The first passive faucet Free Bitcoins every 24 hours

It has been a long time since I got excited about a faucet. Faucets definitely have their place. For example I recommend the Devcoin faucet to everyone getting a Devcoin wallet for the first time or even trying out a new Devcoin address. You’ll know the wallet and address are working as expected when you see that tiny deposit of 5 DVC. I continue to visit the faucet regularly. Its payouts have covered my DVC transaction fees since I first got involved with Devcoin.

There are numerous Bitcoin faucets and plenty of other alt coin faucets. So many, in fact, that the only way to hit them all (or at least the best) in some organized and efficient manner is to use a tool such as Ranlo’s Rotator. Even so, you can easily spend hours and hours visiting faucets for very little return. The return you can get from faucets is quickly dwarfed by what you can get with a small investment in the Bitcoin Commodity Exchange or writing for the Devtome.

Then a few days ago I learned about QoinPro, and this is a faucet to get excited about. The first thing you do is create an account. Once your account is created you receive a bonus of 250 satoshis (0.00000250 BTC), 0.00007672 Litecoins, and 0.000604839 FeatherCoins. Then once a day additional deposits of BTC, LTC, FTC get added to your account. You get these tiny amounts without having to do anything further; you don’t even have to log in!

It looks like additional alt coins will be added as the site grows. The QoinPro faucet reminds me a lot of when I used to own mcxFee shares, except that I had to buy the Fee shares! But I didn’t have to keep logging in to my account to get the payouts. QoinPro is a faucet that you don’t even have to visit–a truly passive faucet. This is the first passive faucet I have encountered.

But QoinPro gets even better. It also comes with a seven tiered multilevel marketing payment structure. This means that if your friends sign up through your referral link you earn a percentage of what they earn just by having an account. Unlike with many multilevel marketing schemes where referrals who do nothing are merely dead weight, in this case your inactive referrals still earn you a tiny bit extra every day. Just like you, all they had to do to collect once a day was register an account! But if your friends get their friends to sign up, then you get a small percentage of what they collect as well, and this goes down to seven levels.

QoinPro essentially combines the best features of a faucet with the best features of multilevel marketing, and everything about it is free. No one is going to get super rich through this opportunity–the payouts at every level are miniscule. But you can’t beat it for fun, especially when you get a few active referrals who bring in referrals of their own.

QoinPro has launched with one primary objective in mind: to educate people about cryptocurrencies and make it very easy for them to get started. What a fun and exciting way to do it.

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