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I have pondered for several months how to best keep in regular contact with my email subscribers. On one hand I want you all to have a simple way to keep up with me without necessarily feeling obligated to read every single blog post (I do write a lot of them). On the other hand, the last thing I want to do is pester you with either super long or very frequent emails.

The solution I have settled on for now is to send a weekly email every Friday which touches on the highlights of what I have written about over the past week. In it I’ll link to some of my favorite posts and mention any great opportunities or giveaways I happen to know about and feel like sharing. I will also keep a copy of these emails on my blog so that subscribers can easily peruse the archives (under the category of weekly roundup). Non subscribers can of course view them as well, but they have to wait until Tuesday :)

So without further ado, here are this week’s highlights.

The first truly passive faucet launched last month. It dispenses Bitcoin and several alt coins, and rewards you for referring your friends. Dispenses are automatic; you don’t even have to log in. Read more…

Next Coin has released a Windows PC wallet client, and so far it works really well. Read more…

The Bitcoin market has seen some turbulence after both BitStamp and Mt. Gox were hit by a DDoS attack which exploited a glitch in the Bitcoin core code which though known since 2011 has never before been a problem. Read more…

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