Weekly roundup

Here are the highlights from the past week in my corner of the cryptoworld.

QoinPro has added InfiniteCoin to its list of daily dispenses. Clearly this is a growing project. Free Bitcoin has excellent customer service. Two more of my favorite faucets are LTC4You and the Devcoin Faucet. You can read more about them here.

Apparently there is no shortage of pundits who still think the Mt. Gox price of Bitcoin means anything. Read more…

I’m on the lookout for a US based Bitcoin trading platform, and I thought I found one, but it’s missing some very important features. Read more…

For better or worse, deliberate market manipulation is part of the cryptocurrency scene. Last weekend Devcoin was pumped by (as far as I know) some guy on Twitter. Read more…

Finally, for some humorous commentary, this article from CoinDesk made me laugh, and I think you’ll enjoy it too. I especially resonate with this quote by the author: You can’t really complain about regulation being a brake on freedom, and then complain when it’s not there to save your backside. Well, you can – and plenty of politicians will take advantage of your hurt feelings either way – but it does reduce the number of legs to stand on to approximately zero.

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