Weekly roundup

The last two weeks have been exciting ones for Bitcoin, to be sure. As one person on Twitter said, one thing about Bitcoin is that it is not boring.

Last week I was very busy with real life challenges, so I didn’t get my weekly roundup out. This past week I read way more news about Bitcoin than I probably have in the past six months, and I’ll be taking a break.

Much of what I’ve published this week has been philosophical. In Making Bitcoin work, and Making Bitcoin work, part 2, I reflect on what it is about Bitcoin which has made it work so well for me despite the challenges it faces, not to mention the bad press.

I believe that taking any kind of extreme view about Bitcoin is ultimately going to be detrimental to one’s success with it. In Bitcoin does need balance, I’m encouraging people to, well, take a balanced view.

Finally, in Regulation, who needs it? I say that it’s not necessary to take an extreme view of that either. Sometimes it can be a good thing, and sometimes people would prefer to do without. I think we should all be given the choice. Regulated and unregulated things should be able to peacefully coexist.


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