Help wanted 01

I am looking for someone who is knowledgeable in coding and modifying WordPress websites to make some modifications to the Creative Currencies website so it can accomplish the things I have in mind.

Creative Currencies is going to be hosting a directory of businesses which accept Devcoins in payment for their products.  I have the directory in place, but it has some issues, which are as follows:

1.  WordPress registration does not integrate well with the directory.  Users must register on WordPress in order to submit a listing (this should allow them to later edit their listing).  However WordPress confirmation emails with temporary passwords typically do not get through to the users.  There are plugins which can be installed and configured to resolve this issue including this one:

I would need someone to install and configure that plugin or a better one, and test to make sure it is working.

2.  I believe there are other issues which interfere with making the directory listing submit process a pleasant and user-friendly experience.  Once the emailing part is working properly I need someone to test out the entire process, including the payment gateway part (using my nominal fees), and then tell me how you would go about improving it and what the end result will be if I hire you to do the job.  I will happily refund any DVC you use in that process, and I’m OK with burning through a couple thousand DVC to thoroughly test this feature.  My proposed method of testing this feature can be found here:

3.  I would like to down the road add additional features a business owner can purchase such as a position in one or more scrolling banner ad rotations on the site.  This would involve either directly modifying the WP code in my site, or switching to a different theme–you tell me what I should do :)

The overall goal of the site is to provide a single place where a visitor to the site could easily locate all the businesses which take Devcoin in payment for their product and to provide exposure to the businesses.  Work is already underway to optimize the site and attract traffic so that business owners benefit from buying a listing.

I’m looking for someone who can step in and help out with the coding/programming jobs which I will need to get this done so I can focus on writing content and managing my marketing/traffic generating efforts.  I’m hoping that this involves doing occasional jobs which I will pay for in Devcoins.

Interested and qualified applicants should submit a detailed proposal to me via Bitcoin Forum PM.  Please include your qualifications, your recommendations and your fees in Devcoins.  I do not have a particular deadline in mind, but I do want to move forward with this ASAP, so please submit your proposal as soon as you can.

Thank you in advance for your interest.