Watch Ads for Cash

Permission marketing has literally exploded and the opportunities to make money with it are fantastic…

…provided you are willing to be paid in Bitcoin.

So what is Bitcoin?  I’m so glad you asked.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency which can be easily traded for dollars.  In fact, one Bitcoin, or 1 BTC is usually worth around $100.00.  Bitcoins are handy for paying small amounts because compared to services like Paypal, the transaction fees are miniscule.  This means that when you get paid Bitcoin for watching commercials, you actually do get paid promptly.  You can say goodbye to ridiculously high payout threshholds.

When you watch commercials and other types of advertisements, you will be compensated in Bitcoin.  You can then accumulate and invest your earnings and then trade them for dollars if you wish.

It’s very easy to start earning Bitcoins.  Simply follow the following steps.

Get a Bitcoin Wallet  Your Bitcoin wallet is where your Bitcoins will be kept and where you will receive payments.  There are various types of wallets, but the one you want to start out with is CoinBase.  A CoinBase wallet allows you to send Bitcoin to other wallets for free.  It also allows you to link a regular bank account so that you can easily buy or sell Bitcoins for dollars.  It is free to have, so go ahead and register for a CoinBase account right now.

Locate your Bitcoin Address  Your Bitcoin Address is how you can get paid.  It is a nonsensical string of numbers and letters usually starting with the number 1.  For example, my wallet address is 1GTWhVxTQyQMoaXVoxQ73Jxy7uQZmnTt7C  Once you log into CoinBase, you can find your address by first clicking on “Account settings” in the left margin and then clicking on “Bitcoin Addresses” in the navigation bar along the top.  You will be copying and pasting this address in various places where you can earn.  Make sure that you copy and paste the entire string of letters and numbers.

You have a Bitcoin wallet and you have found your address.  You are now ready to start filling your wallet with Bitcoin.

Earning Bitcoin in small amounts is surprisingly easy.  When I first set up my own Bitcoin wallet, I started getting small payments within hours.

The CoinBox Faucets  The first place to hit up is the CoinBox faucets.  In the Bitcoin world a faucet is a website which gives out tiny amounts of Bitcoin to whoever asks.  The way you ask is you input your Bitcoin address and fill out a Captcha.  That’s it.  CoinBox is a service which combines all those earnings into one lump sum.  I refer to all the faucets which use this service as the CoinBox faucets.  Once your faucet earnings reach 0.00005500 BTC, your payment will be processed and sent in the next round of payouts.  CoinBox sends out payments once every eight hours.  It’s safe to assume that by the next day you will receive your first payment from CoinBox.

Here is a list of all the CoinBox faucets I know about.  Go ahead and visit a few of them.  Each one pays out 0.00000250 BTC, or 250 satoshis.  Once you have visited a few of them, you can check your earnings by entering your address on the CoinBox site.

You can make a request from these faucets once every half hour.  As you visit the faucets, you will notice a lot of advertisements all around the place where you enter your request.  The hope is of course that you will get curious about those ads, but it’s the promise of a payout that got you to that site.  The advertisers get lots of people seeing their ads; you get a payout.  Everyone is happy.  

Visit Websites for Bitcoin  Faucets are lots of fun, but there are more lucrative ways to earn Bitcoin.  This is where CoinAd and BitVisitor come in.  These are two permission marketing sites that I visit every day.

You can get started right away with BitVisitor.  Simply enter your Bitcoin address and the site will guide you to all the advertised websites you can visit.  The sites are queued in the order of how much they are willing to pay you to visit them (higher paying sites first).  You spend five minutes on each site, and there is a countdown timer to let you know.  When the timer hits zero, a green NEXT button appears.  You click on that and it credits your account for the site you just visited and takes you to the next site.  When your address accumulates 0.0001 BTC (or 100 uBTC), BitVisitor sends a payment.  BitVisitor sends out payments every hour, so once you have viewed enough ads you can expect a payment the same day.

CoinAd is a similar concept to BitVisitor.  You get paid to visit websites.  You do have to register an account (username and password) on CoinAd and log in to view the ads.  In CoinAd, your balance is maintained in your account and once you reach a low payment threshold you can decide to cash out, at which point your earnings will be sent to your Bitcoin address.  CoinAd says it takes a week to process payments.  My experience has been that it takes a day or two.

Both BitVisitor and CoinAd present new websites for you to visit every day, so those sites are worth going through once a day.  The earnings are significantly larger than what you can earn through the faucets, and they do add up over time if you keep at it.  What is great about these sites (and the faucets) is that even if your earnings amount to little more than a penny, you still get paid that amount, which in my opinion is much better than having earnings sitting in your account until you finally reach some barely attainable payment threshold.  Once those earnings make it to your wallet, you get to decide what to do with them.

Start Earning on BitVisitor

Start Earning on CoinAd

Watch videos and perform tasks for Bitcoin  Many people like to boost the number of views on their YouTube videos and are willing to pay for those views.  There are two sites which allow you to earn some Bitcoin for watching YouTube videos.  CoinTube is one such site.  It is simple to use.  You simply enter your Bitcoin address and start watching videos.  You have to enter a code in between videos.  I don’t use this site as much, but wanted to let you know about it.  Sometimes you get lots of videos; other times you run out of videos to watch after just a few.

BitcoinGet is an excellent site that you definitely want to check out.  It has a section for watching videos.  Registration is simple; you just enter your Bitcoin address and then you can start earning.  In addition to watching videos, you can also earn by completing simple tasks and completing offers.  Unlike the other earning sites which eventually run out of ads or videos, BitcoinGet has so many earning opportunities that you won’t easily run out of things to do.  Some of the tasks do take time to complete.  I visit BitcoinGet whenever I have a specific earnings goal in mind that I want to meet as quickly as possible.  Keep an eye out for any tasks which pay bonuses as they are the most lucrative.

Start earning on BitcoinGet

Earn Bitcoin passively  You will be rewarded with small deposits of Bitcoin in exchange for the time you spend on the faucet and earnings sites.  The next step is to take those earnings and spend them on assets which turn around and pay you back.  This is also known as investing.  Believe it or not, there are quite a few options for stocks and bonds that are denominated in Bitcoin.  For the most part these assets are very risky so you need to proceed with caution, do your homework and understand that you could lose everything.  However, there are a couple securities which I will mention here because I believe they are solid (disclaimer:  I will not be held responsible for negative results).

The Bitcoin Trading Corp is a website where you can buy and sell Bitcoin assets.  You can register for a free account on that site.  You transfer Bitcoin into your account by sending Bitcoin from your CoinBase wallet to the address associated with your Bitcoin Trading Corp account.  Once the funds are deposited and confirmed you can use them to buy stocks and bonds.

A great asset to try out is the LTC-ATF.B2 bond.  You can read about it in the details section.  It is a bond which is worth roughly 0.01 BTC–it usually sells for just a bit over that–and it pays a daily dividend of 0.00000500 BTC (or 500 satoshis) which works out to an annual return of 17.5%.  The issuer of the bond guarantees that he will buy it back for 0.0099 BTC, so unless he completely defaults (which would be detrimental to his reputation in the Bitcoin world which is actually a very small world where everyone knows everyone else), there is no way you can completely lose your investment.

Once you earn your first 0.01 BTC, you can buy this bond and start earning the dividends for doing nothing more than owning it.  You will earn 500 satoshis per share each day that you hold the bond.  Let’s say you buy one bond.

Remember those CoinBox faucets?  Now visit two of them using your Bitcoin Trading Corp address each day.  That is the equivalent of what you will earn passively just by holding onto the bond.  I recently discovered this bond and currently hold two shares.  Each day that it pays out dividends I match it by visiting four faucets, two for each share.  This is of course very easy to do.  However, once I accumulate more shares, matching the dividend is going to take more effort, and when it becomes too hard to do, I’ll know that I am earning a nice little bit of passive income.  What a way to make your initial earnings keep on giving.  What a way to motivate you to go out and earn some more!

In the Bitcoin world a 17.5% rate of return is considered modest.  In other words, you can earn much better returns by investing in different kinds of assets.  Of course, those other assets carry more risk.  One asset that I own a lot of is TAT.ASICMINER.  This one costs around 0.04 BTC and pays weekly dividends of 0.0001 to 0.0003 BTC per share.  This works out to around a 25 to 35 percent annual rate of return.  I mention this one because I consider the company (AsicMiner) to be solid, and you can read the entire story of how the company got started in this thread of the Bitcoin Forum.  It’s also fairly easy to come up with enough funds to buy this asset through the various earnings sites I mentioned.

You can transfer your dividend earnings back to your CoinBase wallet, or you can reinvest them in order to earn even more.

Trade your Bitcoins for Dollars  At some point you are going to want to spend your earnings in the “real” world–you know, the one where you pay dollars (or whatever your national currency is) to buy things.  I do want to mention that there are more and more retailers willing to accept payment in Bitcoin, so it’s worth looking into that.  However, we’re a bit of a ways away from being able to use Bitcoin to pay the rent and utilities.

This is where your CoinBase wallet comes in real handy.  I mentioned before that you can easily link your bank account to your CoinBase account.  Once your bank account is verified, you are free to buy or sell Bitcoins.  You can cash out your earnings, as few as 0.1 or 0.2 BTC, which works out to ten or twenty dollars.

Some bonus faucets  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a few faucets that are even more generous than the CoinBox Faucets.  In order to use them, you do need to get another type of wallet called an Inputs wallet.  Inputs wallets are also free, so go ahead and register for one.

Then visit these faucets at least once a day.  This is a relatively new type of faucet and some of them work better than others.  These faucets can become a significant source of earnings if you keep up with them.

Free BTC   Boxcoin   Domestic Pineapple   Devin’s Faucet   That Faucet   Energy Faucet   Bitcoin Grabit   Free Bitcoin   Bitcoin Faucet   X-Paradox   Energy BTC   Energy 24 Hour

Additional earning websites  I highly recommend you start with the sites I have already mentioned in this article.  However once you are familiar and comfortable earning on them, you might want to add one or two more to your list.  Here are a few other earning sites to consider when you are ready.

Coin Chat   Earn Free Bitcoins   Bitcoin Boosting   I Want Free Bitcoins

Some final thoughts  You’ve made it this far.  If you’ve followed the steps, then you should have your first payments on the way.  Keep up the good work!  You will notice that many of the advertisements you will encounter are for gambling sites.  For whatever reason gambling is big in the Bitcoin world.  I personally believe we all have much better things to do with our earnings than gamble them away, but I’m certainly willing to collect earnings from the gambling sites’ advertising revenue.  I wanted to mention this because if gambling is at all a temptation for you, be sure to do what you need to do to resist.

You’ve been given a major crash course in earning Bitcoin and you may have a lot of unanswered questions.  I tried to keep it simple and basic so as to not overwhelm you.  To learn more details, please read the articles on this website and subscribe to the email list.  I regularly send out tips on ways to earn Bitcoin.  Earnings sites are proliferating quite rapidly and I review them as time permits and send the info to my subscribers.  Please be assured I will never send you spam or share your info with anyone else.  Not only that, I occasionally send out random gifts to lucky subscribers.  My email list info does include a field for a DVC address (DVC is another type of virtual currency) but you do not need to fill out that field at this time.  It took me a while to figure out and get comfortable with Bitcoin before I was ready to take on another one!

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