Welcome, Cryptomoms!

I am so excited to have found you all, and especially the Cryptomoms website and forum.

I have been involved with cryptocurrencies since mid-March of 2013. Over a year ago I “celebrated” my one year cryptoversary. A good friend mentioned Bitcoin, I hit Google and the rest is history. It’s not been over two years…

First of all, welcome to my website. The blog is my story (and learning curve) of navigating the cryptocurrency world. I learned and discovered a lot of things, made quite a few mistakes (which I hope you can avoid), lost some Bitcoins, gained plenty more, and by the end of my first year, truly came out ahead. If you want the whole scoop, you can begin reading my very first post And it begins… 

To get my most recent crash course on this website on how to get ahead in the cryptoworld, please check out my article Get into Bitcoin and other cryptos easily and inexpensively. Things change fast in the cryptoworld so some parts of it may be outdated. I have also started publishing detailed guides on how to get involved in various aspects of cryptocurrencies on the CryptoMoms forum.

I will say up front that I have profited the most from the Devtome writing opportunity mentioned in the above article. If you like to write, you should definitely check it out. I want to make sure no one misses it. It’s worked well for me for the past year and much of the content of this site is also mirrored on the Devtome.

If you have other skills to offer, such as graphic design, accounting, consulting or other services you can offer remotely, you might be able to pick up some additional customers by accepting cryptocurrencies for your services and networking on the Bitcoin Forum, CoinZen, or other forums dedicated to specific alt coins. I have picked up a few writing clients that way.

When you start to makes some profit from your cryptoworld ventures, my advice is to be sure to cash some out along the way and use it to improve your life in some way :)

Once again, thanks for stopping by and welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy reading my stories and learning from my experiences :)


PS. I wrote at least half of this page while balancing a baby on my hip and getting my homeschooled older children going on their work for the day, so I’m right with you on the juggling act :)